The new film “Bully” is a long overdue project.  This is a documentary that addresses the affect of bullying in an authentic manner. The language in this film may be terse, but it provides a glimpse into the world of children who are bullied. The movie is a great learning tool for parents, educators and children.

As adults we must send a clear message that bullying will not be tolerated in any form or at any level.  For example, just last three elementary students were arrested here inBaltimorefor fighting.  It was later reported that these elementary children were in some sort of gang and attacked this one child. Now, this tension between these students did not just “happen” this one day.  One student told a reporter that the victim “pushed” her and this was her reason for attacking him.  Now, if this pushing incident happened, where were the teachers and why wasn’t it reported.

Other jurisdictions inMarylandhave tough anti-bullying policies. For example,BaltimoreCountyandAnneArundelCountyhave strict anti-bullying policies that include no “rough housing”, “pushing”, etc.  While we can’t change what happened to any of these children.  We can demand that educators and legislators change the way they deal with bullying. (especially inBaltimoreCity)

Creating tough anti-bullying policies may require additional work on the part of educators; I believe that every child inBaltimoreCityis worth it! Hopefully this movie will spawn enough awareness to encourage parents to lobby for federal tough anti-bullying legislation.


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